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Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way that it knows how. (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

Ana-Maria Nita, IETMI, QTP, ARC, RM, BSc.

Ana-Maria Nita is an IET Master Instructor, a Quantum Touch Practitioner, an Akashic Records Consultant and a Reiki Master. She is a very gentle and kind person who cares about the well being of all people who seek healing. Her journey towards her higher purpose is what guided her to make this website.

HealingNRG is the result of years of research and study in the field of energy healing, and she hopes to share her knowledge with anyone interested.

To book an appointment please call: 416-918-0904
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"The Akashic Records consultation with Ana-Maria was a unique relieving experience! For the first time ever I had no fear to go very deep inside, on the most hidden corners of my memories. It was an intense, powerful energy; I could feel the flow inside my body like a very heavy weight that I was caring through years going up and outside my mind and body. It was so enlightening! Just in a moment, my questions were channelled to the same root cause and the answer came simple and natural from inside. At the end of the session, I was already filled with happiness, peace and a positive view of life challenges. Since then, my body feels light, my mind clear and my heart is smiling. Thank you for helping me face the reality and live the present at full potential!" (L.H)

"I had no idea how much insight, inner wisdom, and awareness one could achieve in less than two hours of Akashic Records work. My session with Ana Maria was amazingly efficient and beneficial to me. She clearly showed me how to release my emotional blockage and move past it. She guided me through this process with her calm, kind, and soft-spoken manner. I felt the change instantly and it was truly amazing and natural at the same time. She told me I would continue to see changes as time goes by and I can feel this happening everyday. You are truly gifted, Ana Maria. Thank you!" (A.D)

"I want to thank you for the Akashic Records session. I feel good now but felt exhausted last night after the session; I took a warm bath and I fell asleep like I used to a long, long time ago. I can not quite express my feelings right now but something has opened up inside me, I look better today and I have a glow. I think The Akashic Records consultation helped me to understand myself. Thanks a lot, Ana-Maria, you did a great job. (U.S)"

"My experience of opening my Akashic Records was deeply emotional and uplifting. Ana- Maria's patience, extremely personable nature, and gifted touch helped relieve me of a quite painful and very present emotional blockage. I had many lessons to learn from my records and they were shown to me in such an insightful manner, wherein I truly recognized what I needed to do for myself. Ana-Maria guided me with her wonderful gift, but what I found most rewarding was the records' profound effect on my personal will. I am feeling the positive effects of my consultation everyday, and I am so glad, and grateful, for taking this first step to a truer happiness and love for myself - and my life. A million thanks, Ana-Maria." (A.H)

"With little knowledge of Akashic Records, I was unsure of what to expect. I simply walked in with an open mind and an inner thirst for self knowledge. Ana-Maria's gentle approach put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable with the process of accessing my records. By doing so I was provided with very clear guidance about my life and spiritual path. Thank you, Ana-Maria." (P.P)